Prostitution in Sweden – clash of cultures

Business as usual in Germany, outlawed in Sweden. Prostitution. Pretty much as it is a quite common thing for Germans, that we have the Reeperbahn in Hamburg and some offers on two feet at Hansastraße Munich, it differs in Sweden. Since 1999, a law brings social changings. Officially, there are no street-walkers´ patches, no Bordells, … More Prostitution in Sweden – clash of cultures

Mosaic of Memories

Sometimes, I just close my eyes. Especially when I am at a wunderful place, first time in life.  I did it many times – in front of nature miracles like the Glaciar Perito Moreno, the Ha Long Bay or great places like the Chapmans Peak Drive or even when I was facing a nice sundowner … More Mosaic of Memories