Gran Canarias Blossoms

Gran Canaria keeps a shimmering pearl, hidden in its volcanic surroundings. A paradise for the soul, far away from the well known hotel complexes, which are clinching to the steep rocks in the south, offering sea view to the sun seeking tourists. To admire that beauty you have to look at the center of the … More Gran Canarias Blossoms

How Cuba works

Cuba is not reasonable for a regular short-term visitor. It is like a different world, not at the first, but the second view. A closer look reveals the extraordinaries but a lot of time, conversations and comparisons with the western world are required to get the clue about what is going on in this particular … More How Cuba works

New York Ground Zero – Terrorism – Is It Killing People For Nothing?

      Standing in front of a horrific devastated fire truck I ask myself – what was it for? Killing so many people, causing so much grief, sorrow and pain. Provoking wars, making people homeless and kids orphans. For minutes, for hours, for days, forever. The fire truck I’m standing in front of is a historical … More New York Ground Zero – Terrorism – Is It Killing People For Nothing?

Panama City – surprising stories – Part III:

Panama City – surprising stories Part III: It is travel, it is the difference, it´s the people! Sometimes great experiences are expensive. And sometimes you´ve just to pay with a smile. This time it was the smile. Still sitting outside on the streets of Casco Viejo, we´re talking about cultural differences. About German punctuality of … More Panama City – surprising stories – Part III:

Panama City – surprising stories – Part II

Panama City – surprising stories Part II: Casco Viejo Surprised by this overwhelming politeness I feel rapidly connected to their group. They change the language of the discussion from Spanish to English and after a few minutes in a certain way I feel integrated. That hadn´t happened if I had been travelling within a group. … More Panama City – surprising stories – Part II

Prostitution in Sweden – clash of cultures

Business as usual in Germany, outlawed in Sweden. Prostitution. Pretty much as it is a quite common thing for Germans, that we have the Reeperbahn in Hamburg and some offers on two feet at Hansastraße Munich, it differs in Sweden. Since 1999, a law brings social changings. Officially, there are no street-walkers´ patches, no Bordells, … More Prostitution in Sweden – clash of cultures

Mosaic of Memories

Sometimes, I just close my eyes. Especially when I am at a wunderful place, first time in life.  I did it many times – in front of nature miracles like the Glaciar Perito Moreno, the Ha Long Bay or great places like the Chapmans Peak Drive or even when I was facing a nice sundowner … More Mosaic of Memories

Kinabatangan River

Funny Apes Sometimes, nature creates funny things. For instance animals. We try to find one species of them in the woods of Kinabantangan. Proboscis. Apes with noses so big as cucumbers. We´re waiting in the palm restaurant straight above the river for the boatsman to bring us to the small channels of the Kinabatangan River. … More Kinabatangan River

Borneo and the palm

From the megacity Singapore into the djungle. Trees, bushes, ferns and palms as far as you can see. The nature splits the colour green in thousand nuances. We are at the Malaysian part of Borneo, near Mount Kinabalu. The mountain, situated in a national park and with 4095 m the highest in Malaysia. We jump … More Borneo and the palm

Singapur — Singapore (english below)

Singapur Design in Perfektion. Der Variation von Formen freien Lauf gelassen. Kreise, Zylinder, Pyramiden und Quader. Spiegelndes Glas soweit das Auge reicht. Die Architekten haben im Zentrum dieser Stadt ihre Träume verwirklicht. Es gibt keinen Wolkenkratzer, keinen Showroom, nicht mal eine Fußgängerbrücke, deren Bestimmung reine Funktionalität ist. Alles hat einen Blickfang, einen Anspruch auf Vollkommenheit, … More Singapur — Singapore (english below)

Tết – (chinese new year) — Tết (chinesisches Neujahr) / english below

Am 10 Februar fand das Tết-Fest statt. Der wichtigste und populärste Feiertag, nicht nur in Vietnam. Er gründet seine Herkunft auf dem chinesischem Kalender. Ganz Asien schmückt die Straßen und Häuser schon Wochen vorher um das Jahr der Schlange einzuleiten. Neben Lampions sind Blumen und Pflanzen sind ein wichtiger Bestandteil des Straßenschmucks. In Ho-Chi-Minh Stadt fand … More Tết – (chinese new year) — Tết (chinesisches Neujahr) / english below

Hoi An, a town like no other (english text below)

Hoi An, ein paar hundert Kilometer südlich von Hanoi gelegen. Eine Stadt wie ein Kaufhaus. Noch nie in meinem ganzen Leben habe ich so viele Schneidergeschäfte auf einem Platz gesehen. Man könnte jetzt meinen da sind 10 oder 20. Aber nein. Es sind hunderte. Es scheint mir, dass es in Hoi An mehr Schneidereien gibt … More Hoi An, a town like no other (english text below)

Ha-Long-Bay – a place of wonder (english translation below)

Felsen ragen aus dem Wasser wie riesige Smaragde. Ganz so als wären sie von Hand genau an den für sie bestimmten  Platz gesetzt worden. Jeder Stein einzeln bearbeitet und keiner wie der andere. Hunderte, tausende. Das Meer, zwischen den Bergen wie ein Tuch aus Seide gespannt. Stille. Nur das leise tuckern des Schiffsmotors, der die … More Ha-Long-Bay – a place of wonder (english translation below)

Tourism in a different way – A story about Bloom-Microventures

 Today I took a bus tour with five other people to a remote area outside of Hanoi. The village, which we visited is called Phu Minh, and is situated in a poor countryside district . The very special thing belonging to this trip, is that we don´t travel for touristic reason only. There is much more … More Tourism in a different way – A story about Bloom-Microventures

Who knows…

Who knows what happens after we die. Who knows, why we are here on this fantastic place called earth. Sometimes we get into situations, which make us think about these questions. Sometimes, we meet people, who make us change our minds. All of us are in a state of permanent change, constant alteration. Every morning … More Who knows…