That´s me.

There are many ways to express yourself. Writing is one of them. Writing is a passion. My passion in a certain way.

The reasons for this blog are simple. There are a lot of things to write about. And I´d like to share some of the highlights I´ve experienced.

Since I´ve once made the experience that travelling is not just to spend time on the beach but meeting different people, exploring worlds treasures, the nature and cultural differences, my world has changed and I invite you to take part in it. But this pages are not just about travelling. Life provides a lot of fascinating experiences. I try to share them. This blog has no specific topic. It´s about important, useful, funny, interesting and environmental issues.  This is what I do with this blog. Priceless.

This is a quality blog. All the stories are experienced by myself, additional informations are extensively researched. In this blog, there is nothing but reality. No exaggerated blur, no copies from other writers. Trust in me.

We´re living in a time, where fast, short, shocking informations will geht most of the clicks. I don´t need that many clicks, I am thankful for every feedback that says: “Good job, well done”. That´s what I am writing for.

Sure, you´re wondering about the story of my life? Born in 1986 in a city in Bavaria and currently at home in Munich. Writing is not my only passion – I would say I am versatile, always on the run for new experiences.




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