Gran Canarias Blossoms

Gran Canaria keeps a shimmering pearl, hidden in its volcanic surroundings. A paradise for the soul, far away from the well known hotel complexes, which are clinching to the steep rocks in the south, offering sea view to the sun seeking tourists.

To admire that beauty you have to look at the center of the island. In the mountains around the Tejeda region, the setting sun leaves a rainbow colored halo to the summits. It seems like she wants to put the white houses into the most advantageous light. Up the hills, almond trees and rocks like “Pico de nieves” find their selves surrounded by wonderful scented pine forests, ready to ease everybody´s soul.

At other places, the soil is black. Bush fires have turned it to ashes. But as far as you can see now, wonderful white blossoms of thousands of daisies give contrast to the black leftovers of the fire. The sea of blooms, where not long ago, the heat had erased everything. Earth once again created a miracle out of nothing. The trails are deserted but there is no feeling of loneliness. The pine trees send out a cosy sensation like all they wanted is to say: “You´re welcome. The happiness at this place is all yours.” The huge pine cones opened up, lying around everywhere like special gifts from nature. Nice and pure.

It´s a pity, that this shimmering pearl gets that less attention by tourists.

And a great great luck.