The Arctic – Six – the last one

I asked her about a nice happy ending for my “The Arctic” collection. Is there one?


“About The Arctic, I’m very sorry, but to be honest, I have no perfect happy-ending-story for it even if I’d love to embellish our portrait of the Inuit society in some ways. You know how I like to portrait life full of colors..

But, here, Cinderellas tend to have very different princes than in the good old Disney story! Violence is as raw as ever, sadly. I’m starting to think that my love for the place is maybe due mostly to my philanthropist soul. Because I do like the place, but the origins of the feeling are hard to explain. Take another look at my pics with the kids and I would say that’s it. It is probably the best explanation that I have. Life goes on here and kids continue to play in the streets and I would say that somehow, they managed to keep their innocence almost intact. Kids are kids. Women joke and laugh with us despite of the darkness of their daily life. That’s something that I find truly amazing. So probably my love of humanity, surprisingly still unfailing, has a lot to do with my liking of the place.. And it probably does for most of us, working in the North and loving it a little bit more everyday.

11659445_10153377613145396_1517670839120648166_n 10492433_10153373116130396_5200084257007576580_n


Let´s hope I could share some interesting impressions with you. One thing is for sure, the world is not always as it seems, not always as the press, the media, the lifestyle-magazines try to make us believe. We have to question the world, to scrutinize, to be curious about our surroundings.

And another thing I´ve learned about the Arctic is the importance of tradition. Tradition keeps the social network intact, it is uniting people, it´s a pillar in the always faster changing world. People are afraid of changes, people fear financial, cultural and social loss. Greed is spreading everywhere.

Please do me a favour everybody. Stay reflective, do your work with passion, live your life with dignity and always be aware how rich your life is, what kind of paradise you live in. So treat the world, the nature and the people around you with tender conscience. Make the world a better place, as she does. Thanks little lady.



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