The Arctic – FIVE

“Tell me, what do they eat in a world where there is mostly ice and snow?”, I asked.

They were eating mostly raw fish and raw meat. Small berries in summer. Impressing that their body could adapt to that diet and find everything it needs huh? Now, they can buy almost everything at the store, but it’s, of course, super expensive. They still eat a lot of fish and caribou meat, cooked or raw. Miam!

Further on I was asking what the biggest challenges are and how she is going to cope with it…

I guess to work successfully, sourrounded by social problems, you need a strong character, braveness and the ability of not thinking too much about what was happening during the day…

Yeah, alcohol is the biggest problem there even though it’s illegal. But there’s of course a big black market for it. A lot of violence, children abuses, fetal alcohol syndromes.. It’s not gonna be easy everyday I think. Luckily, almost a third of the population are white workers from the south. All the social workers, police officers, doctors, pharmacists… So I’ll have plenty of “normal” interactions and social life I guess.

Don’t worry, I’m not bending my character too much. It’s still me, I just try to follow my dreams instead of refraining them because of the fear of the unknown. I wanna do a difference somehow, and for me, it’s the way to do it. And, remember the quote about the wisdom to let go gracefully of the things not meant for you? I totally adhere to it. I know my limits…







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