The Arctic – FOUR

I was asking what can we, what can Susan do to get the people up there away from violence… Here comes her opinion:


“Yeah, I already knew that I wouldn’t change their way of life. It’s just heartbreaking because violence is so common here and, even if we know that a girl is getting beaten, life goes on and she comes back two days later with a swollen lip and a black eye and everybody do like if it was completely normal. Not because we don’t wanna get involved.. Just because here, it IS normal for a man to beat is wife! And it IS common to be too drunk to take care of your child during an entire weekend. And there’s not much alternative..

Don’t worry for me, I don’t feel like I am in danger. Anyway, there’s plenty of “Rambo”-looking police officers with overly sized muscles and the Mohawk hairstyle… So enough guns and sticks… Lol



It’s snowing here ❄️❄️❄️

Another example from my day today: 85 years old granny, weight: 83 pounds (38kg)… Beaten by her drunk daughter, escaped the house and walked alone in the night for two hours

12 years old boy, suicide attempt…





In our life, we need people like her, people who take care, people who don´t turn away if there is something awful happening.

What would the world look like without them?

One story more, in 2 days.





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