The Arctic – Two



Part three. Now, Susan is there for some days and got first expressions about the life up there.



“I guess I have felt in love with my job.” (She was going to a remot area to visit some Inuit there – as you can see on the picture)


and negative:

“I never imagined there could be so much violence in one single place.. I’m sure you couldn’t even imagine how bad it is, it’s unbelievable. I’m so thankful to be born under a more privileged star…

I wonder if I’ll be able to build myself a carapace thick enough to shield me against all this violence..

Seriously, I thought I knew what it would be like, but this is beyond what I imagined. This morning, the boyfriend of one of my Inuit colleagues called her like twenty times to yell at her. He requested that she should come home for lunch. So she did, but everybody knew that she was going to be beaten all afternoon. And she indeed called to tell us that she wouldn’t be back at work that day. I found it really hard to bear, because everyone knew what was going on and while we worked and ate and talked during that afternoon, she was probably being beaten. I couldn’t even imagine being beaten..
Here, it’s part of the daily life. Someone told me that it was worse these weeks because there was a new coming of alcohol on the black market…”



Sometimes we have to reconsider how life could be, how life is – for some people. Let´s get further on with widening our horizon. Next story in two days. Thanks for joining.


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