The Arctic – ONE

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I told you about the girl high up in the vast, icy area called Arctic. And I told you I´d like share some expressions with you. Let´s listen what songs she is singing:


“So far, things are going well here. It’s not too cold, around -5 degrees to 7 degrees. The sun gets up at 4h30 am and it goes down around midnight. The bad thing is that it’s hard to fall asleep because I always feel like it’s midday! The apartment is fine. It’s nice to have my own place and it’s really just beside the hospital where I work. It’s so close that I leave home at 8h56 (and I start working at 9h)!

Everybody knows each other here and everyone talk and hang out with each other. I’ve never seen anything like it, being so close to my coworkers! It’s funny, it’s like: you work with them all day long because the hospital is so small.. And then you see them at the grocery store because there’s just one store and it’s closing at 6pm.. And then you see them at the tiny gym.. Haha11337096_10153343853185396_212053330_o

It’s like living in another world here. Babies carried in their mother’s hoodie, husky dogs, elders eating pieces of raw fish, Inuktitut language.. And a lot of violence too.

For now, I simply put my rubber boots on and walk in the mud to go where I need to ;D So fun.. Hehe

Well, I hope everything is going fine for you too…”



…”A lot of violence”, that quote made me curious. I asked Susan what is going on there. Everything seems so peaceful at the pictures. And isn´t it our imagination of the Inuit volks? Peaceful hunters and craftsmen?

Read about how it really is in The Arctic 2.


Coming soon…





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