Someone to admire

The Arctic. A place where I will presumably never be. But I´d like to introduce you to a young, highly professional medic, world-traveller and adventurist. A friend of mine. I got to know her during my travels and at the moment, she is up there, near the polar circle. To protect her privacy, let´s call her Susan.

It´s all about a very vast area of stones, ice and water. Just a few Inuit live where she is. And since a few month, she is working in this place to take care of the people up there.

I asked how it feels, high up in “No-Mans-Land”, how the people live there, what they eat, which problems they have. She provided me with stories about the real life of this arctic inhabitants. A place where the sun is still high up at 10 pm and where there are no roads and no supermalls. A place which is loosing parts of it´s history, it´s tradition. A society where the influence of a modern world is changing a lot. The stories have been touching. And it would be a big lost to leave them exclusively in my mind.

So I am happy to share some of the imaginations with you the next days and weeks.

As a portrait of a very special part of our world, of a troubling society, a slowly sinking culture and of course a very special and brave person.


I will post a story about it every two days at about 6 am.

Be prepared – and don´t miss the pictures, like this beautiful aurora…





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