Panama City – surprising stories – Part III:

Panama City – surprising stories

Part III:

It is travel, it is the difference, it´s the people!

Sometimes great experiences are expensive. And sometimes you´ve just to pay with a smile. This time it was the smile.

Still sitting outside on the streets of Casco Viejo, we´re talking about cultural differences. About German punctuality of course. And about the Central American way of life. About the big variances in our social communities and about that we can learn so much from each other and that we can live in a peaceful way. Even if we are in some kind very different. “If the Germans dance salsa and get out of step, they stop and start again.” Everybody is laughing. That is unthinkable in Latin America. But that’s just one of thousand cultural differences. Germans start everything anew to make it perfect and others go ahead to reach its target. Both works, just the way to get to a solution is different.

And last but not least we´re talking about travelling.

There was a big consensus that in many countries you can find two different kinds of people concerning mindfulness, open mind, personal horizon.

People who travel and people who don´t. This is in face a very basic way of explaining societies but in a certain way it is true. The more you travel, the more are you open for strangers.

Travelling is not just about lying on the beach, getting drunk, enjoying food. Travelling is about meeting people, talk to them, get inspired and accept their opinion. Travelling is about widen your personal horizon in a direction to understand why people act in a certain way, how the world is functioning and how you could be part of it, be part of changing. In society, in your job, at home and in your mind.DSC03182

4 things are important in meeting strangers during your travels: Nobody is perfect. Don´t judge people in advance, get rid of your stereotypes and think before you start talking.

After long and deep conversations we´re ending up dancing salsa, merengue and a lot stuff I´ve never heard about, in a basement bar. An evening rich in variety! And to make it perfect, they give me a ride back to my hotel.

What was starting with lonesome green mussels in curry sauce with Italian bread eventually ended up in a funny, interesting, thrilling, altogether – superrico meeting.

Finally that makes it easy to reduce my adventurous evening to one sentence.

It´s not just the place which make you enjoy, it´s the people.

Thanks for all.

Diana, Fran, Jessica, Daniel, Elena Luis, and all the other people who made me smile. Felt like millions.


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