Slowness as a lifestyle

Did you know that there is a pretty relaxed animal in Costa Rica? It really lives that pura-vida lifestyle the Ticos are known for. We watched that furred animal in Parque Nacional del Manuel Antonio on Costa Rica´s Pacific Coast. If you handle your day as slow as this animal, it must be a fairly long day. Therefore it has to find a way not to get bored. Sleeping is a good way to cope with boredom. That´s why all of these guys snore about 20 hours out of 24. Their skeleton is ideal for that sort of relaxing. Fingers developed into hooks during evolution and hanging upside down is never a problem. And nothing better than to hang your hooks on a branch and relax your chaw. And even if there´s something itchy in their life – they scratch with passion. At a pace of one scratch in ten seconds. Sid from Ice-Age would be jealous.

You got it already – we´re talking about Sloth, known as Earth´s slowest mammal.
Hard to find them in the dense jungle but if you did you can observe the jungle-chiller for a long time because they won´t run away. They´re more into having an easy “hangover”, of course head first. Getting some fruits and leafs is exhausting enough.

The question National geographic recently rose was: How does a Sloth have sex? After some exhausting investigations they succeeded and found out that everything in their life’s happens slowly – except sex – that’s quick. Imagine every of your days is that slow and the only thing that passes over fast in your life is having sex. Oh, what a pity. But being such a chiller, a Sloth doesn´t care.

Everything that makes life exhausting is no fun, not even to copulate.DSC02906


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