Prostitution in Sweden – clash of cultures

Business as usual in Germany, outlawed in Sweden.
Pretty much as it is a quite common thing for Germans, that we have the Reeperbahn in Hamburg and some offers on two feet at Hansastraße Munich, it differs in Sweden. Since 1999, a law brings social changings. Officially, there are no street-walkers´ patches, no Bordells, no questionable offers in the newspapers.
The regulation prohibits to buy Sex. Remarkable is, that just the Person who buys gets in conflict with the law. The one who prostitutes him or herself is free of charge. That desicion goes back to the consideration, that the Prostitute is always the one who regrets. Not just womens right movements see the women without exeption as victims of the situation.
Every Swede has its own opinion regarding this issue and in conversations with civilians, police officers and social dedicated persons, my impressions deepens. Almost nobody has ever met a girl who could give a convincing explanation that she has fun selling her body for money.  Most of the time, sexual abuse, drugs, crimes, neglicence, inferiority feelings, exploitations and helplessness are the sad backround.
Woman can earn a lot of money. But most of them don´t know how to make clever investments. Usually they spend their bucks for luxury things they don´t need, hoping it helps to forget their souls stinging pain. The money vanishes, the sorrow stays. A vicious circle.

Offers swiched to the internet. And there you can find the some of the most crucial criminals. Human traffickers.

They organize the world wide trafficking network. You can´t see it, you cant hear it. But nevertheless, there are more women kidnapped and decoyed than ever before. Criminals earn millions of dollars with it.
Girls, most of them attracted by good job-possibilities in european countries as hairdresser, maid or geriatric nurses get dramatically exploited afterwards. Drugged, humiliated, raped and robbed of their physical and mental identity. Their ability to lead a normal life is forever, irrecoverale lost.
A complete restriction on prostitution – in Germany as in the most European countries unimaginable.
Is such a prohibition desirable? To be honest, until my visit, I rarely got in touch with this issue. Starting with a big political and social discussion, the Swedish people doing their 15-year summary. It is both, positive and negative. There were a lot of changes in the society. When somewhere else, men are chattering about what Etablissement they should visit next, it is a taboo in Sweden. Almost nobody commits to have sex for money. Punters, men paying for sex, who get caught by the police during their attempts often confess. That gives them the advantage not to go to court what would be ashaming in Sweden.
Studies concerning that matters, bring the results, that the number of young men, taking the chance of buying sex are decreasing since the law was official.  A success? According to the supporters of the restriction – “yes”. But there are also negative aspects like to small charges and punishments, human trafficking as a enduring problem and there is still a lack of surveillance. But the pessimists concerns like for instance: “There will be an increasing of sexual abuse and rapings hasn´t become true. Like the expectation was, there are fortunately some more steps to take from the level of buying sex to being a rapist.
This report shouldn´t be an appell to the conscience. Nor a strong position, neither given results or recommendings about the right way. But this story should create the impression of how it could be the other way. A alternative of the social way of acting with this problem. And it should give an impression how a law can affect the society.
We should be able to diversify our own view on our social environment. Start thinking. Thoughts about our decisions and our attitude concerning a life in our society on one hand and peoples way of thoughts on the other hand.

Sweden and Germany are similar in many points. And then – that big difference and the missing acknowledge of that what we call “Normal Life”. How is such a big changing possible. There are lots of debates and you can´t never find a clear “Yes” or “No”.
But there is a personal opinion. And an opinion is indeed what everybody of us shout have at least.

To create some hope for the almost forgotten ones…



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