Mosaic of Memories

Sometimes, I just close my eyes.

Especially when I am at a wunderful place, first time in life.  I did it many times – in front of nature miracles like the Glaciar Perito Moreno, the Ha Long Bay or great places like the Chapmans Peak Drive or even when I was facing a nice sundowner at camps bay, SA.
I closed my eyes and I switched into imagination. I tried to create the same scene witch was surrounding me. I imagined – how would this place look like if I open my eyes again in a few moments.

Sometimes, I close my eyes. So do I today.

Calmly meditating, I feel the slightly breeze, realize its salty taste, hear the voices of the city and try to imagine. I try to conceive the houses red bricks in front of me, the nice shaped ornaments, the hill and the park with the monument I´m standing on. The warm orange lights whitch shine out towards me. I imagine the cars driving around, searching its way through the dark and the people hiding behind thick jackets, standing the cold.
Then… I open my eyes again and I find myself right where I´ve expected to be. Seems like nothing has changed.

 But thats ain´t the truth. My mind has changed. From now on, this imagination has a little place in my head, like a spot in an Mosaik, and whenever I like, I can call for it and make it real. But I´ve conserved not just the view. I remember the feelings that had surrounded me, the noises of huge ice, breaking down from the glacier, the birds songs, flying at Camps Bay Beach, the absolute balance, created by the rocks of the the Ha Long Bay, the odors, peoples chattering… Just a moment of imagination awards me with a lifetime memory.
This time it is Göteborg, Sweden. I close my eyes again. Just one more time. Can you imagine?

There it is. One more colorful stone in my selfmade mosaic of memories.



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