Borneo and the palm

From the megacity Singapore into the djungle. Trees, bushes, ferns and palms as far as you can see. The nature splits the colour green in thousand nuances. We are at the Malaysian part of Borneo, near Mount Kinabalu. The mountain, situated in a national parDSC01582k and with 4095 m the highest in Malaysia. We jump off the minibus at the road and keep on walking to the Mountain Lodge. Beside us, walls of plants. The noisy rainforest escorts us, the nature plays a concert, tropical music at its best. Chuckling, humming and whistling sounds on all sides. Everything is alive. You can not see the animals, but you know they are there. We stay at the Mountain Lodge for a short time and then go weather related further on in direction so Sandakan. The Tet-celebrations are causing a lack of transportations, so we find ourselves as hitchhiker in the minibus of an merciful AC-salesman. On our way, accompanied by intact rainforest. Nobody was expecting the changes, which will apear a squint later. We are shocked. 

The destructive force of mankind shows its evil face.

All over the place. From the roadside to the last hill just one palmtree. Elaeis guineensis. The oil palm. Thousands of it. The trunks rising from the soil, they stay there like clones -in rank and file. Borneo, earth´s toilet, from end to end plastered with the same kind of tile. If you´re not aware of monocultures, you can do your doctorate about it at this place. The damage to the nature is enormous.

You can´t say damage because this word means that there is something left which got damaged. But there isn´t. Nature is dead. It´s a disaster. The trunks of the palms are covered with ferns, kind of grass. And thDSC01701ere is nothing else on the ground. What´s left of the millionfold biodiversity are snakes and rats. Meanwhile a plague. There were Orang Utans, Proboscis monkeys and a lot more animals. But they are gone for a long time.

Big lorries carry the palm oil fruits to the factory’s where they get processed. The raw material is quite various and companies produce food and cosmetics. They research also to use it as fuel. Bad expectations for nature.

We go on, wondering and with the hope that we find a place where we can experience the world how it was, million years ago – before humans arrived.

(the second picture shows palm oil fruits)


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