The elephant and the bananas – english version

Bananas? Oh, dear, you will find a lot of them here. And Elephants? Yeah, there are some elephants! Luckily there are more elephants than banans, because if you can see how many bananas such a longtrunk can eat, oh, thats a pity for the little yellow fruits. As for the bananas I´m eating in a year, an elephant would never be stuffed. Well, so you are thinking now, I´m eating at least 300  bananas in one year. But, 300 bananas, the elephant eats them for breakfast! Without hesitating. I´ve seen it for myself. If it is really hungry, it will not even peel it! The dumbo eats it whole. For that reason, it is a problem if you go through the jungle with the elephant. Because if it sees a banana. Oh oh oh. Then, it is going to be a slim gazelle. No way to stop it.
Well, you really have to know, that the elephant and me, that´s kind of a competition. That he is not able to notice this, I brought him a lot of bananas. Let´s say, I offered him peace.

Maybe, he will then grow a little bit. 



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