Who knows…

Who knows what happens after we die. Who knows, why we are here on this fantastic place called earth.

Sometimes we get into situations, which make us think about these questions. Sometimes, we meet people, who make us change our minds. All of us are in a state of permanent change, constant alteration. Every morning when we wake up, when the sun is tickling our skin, fresh air enwraps us and we can feel the energy, which is send to every fiber of our body, we´ve been changed. Our mind is constantly moving forward.

And what modifies us are the people we have around. The person who makes us smile, even if it is just a piece of a second, the wonderful situation, created by the people who love us. The joyful wink from a neighbour, even if it lasts just a split of a second and most of all the deep and serious conversations we have with someone who is able to thrill us with his words.

The one who lets us know, that although if we don´t know the reason why we are here – there is a reason!

And yes – when we are dead, there apparently – obviously, nothing is left of us. There is no more body to touch, no hairs to cut, no clothes to buy. Physically, everything is washed away.

But was last forever are these moments, in which we were able to change people. The conversations, the smiles, the laughing, the marvelous moments. You have the opportunity to make people feel happy. You have the possibility to make them remember you.

We have the great amount of a life, to leave trails and traces in other people’s minds.

This is the creation of happiness.

This is what lasts forever.

This is, why we are here…

The purity of life

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