Write – think – don´t forget — The reason why I donate words.

The more you write, the more you think.

And thinking is tremendously important. Especially for those who are convinced, that thinking is superfluous:

The Spontanics

Guys like Homer Simpson. These people seem to do their lives the easy way. Living from day to day without thinking what´s next. People, who are talking without thinking. Spontaneously. Running through their life’s, always regretting something. Why? Because the brain is not always as fast as their tongue and so they forget to think before they raise their voices.

Forgetting leads us to a further problem. The less you think, the more will you forget. And the more you forget, the less you think… That´s kind of a vicious circle.

That makes people busy with their social life.

Have a look at your lifetime. If you spend more minutes in your life for talking about

– anger, hate, cheating, fights, misunderstandings, jealousy, envy –

than for thinking about real problems, you should change your brains traffic.

Use more lifetime for thoughts! I mean real deep thoughts. Not the “Homer Simpson-ideas”!

And the best thing you can do to stop talking is: WRITE! Do your fellow human beings a favour and write it down. Before you act stupid. Just for the reason that you then have to think about it. Writing and thinking – both at the same time is difficult, isn´t it?  If you have a problem, if you have an argument with your wife or your girl- / boyfriend, so don´t just talk to others. Leave the room, sit down, write it down to a peace of paper.
You will see how it works! Just try it!

And it will save an enormous amount of time for you and your friends / family.
In addition, if you write, you´re not able to do other stupid things like throwing around bad words, flower vases, plates,  or causing damage with the rolling-pin.

Could you see how thinking helps us? You never thought that, did you?

So if a problem is tackling me the next day´s, I make sure to write it down.

And YOU – start writing! And if it is just a comment…




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